i’ve been feeling really great.

i literally ran away this past weekend. called off work so irresponsibly and everything.

friday night i went to Indianapolis to see Flint Eastwood. she was fucking incredible just like she was at bunbury. bought her cd and got a picture with her. and with bre 🙂

5am saturday. bre and her sister sam and their friend allie were going to kentucky kingdom

i’m not kidding you when i say they begged me for what seems like a WHOLE hour to go with them. like….

i felt so needed. so wanted.

sam literally convinced me to just call off work and i did.and when i got back i bought my manager flowers, a perfect card and a reese’s and she forgave me real quick 😀

kentucky kingdom was a blast. didn’t even go on many rides but just sitting and talking and walking around with bre…. oh man. she is just so fucking dreamy.

the hotel we stayed at was super comf. and walking around outside i randomly found a frog. it was just a happy positive moment for no reason

every moment of that trip was so happy and positive.

i feel like bre is really helping me. on a real note. she’s helped me understand to control the negative thoughts and emotions that have been flowing around me better. haha i’m honestly probably just ballistically infatuated. that’s fine.

tia got mad at me and yelled and screamed at me some more when i got back. i feel like it’s all she’s ever been doing. it was so nice to be away from her constant negativity this weekend.

i literally made her break down crying last night because i straight up told her she’s so bitter and angry. and then it got her to talk about her mom and how she literally feels she murdered her.

tia’s thought process is overwhelming and i cannot handle it. i still care about her so much though and i don’t want to just disappear. after hanging out with bre, sam and allie in indianapolis and louisville this past weekend, i felt FREE as fuck. it’s so amazing to feel elevated like that.

i wrote something really amazing about her in my notebook.

riot fest is coming up. god life is insane.


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