i need tia to get the fuck out of my apartment, it’s really really bad .

last night was really really fucking bad, i’m so LUCKY bre was awake and that she called me.

tia’s words are vicious and demonizing and sooo fucking unreasonable.

when she moves out, i never want to see her or hear from her again

but stupid me, i got her a job at dominos… and she’s not leaving any time soon.

i need to find a better paying job.. i’ve got ideas.. i’m so grateful bre is in my life.

but according to tia, 6 months down the road i will drive her away too.

man it’s so funny how this is. tia has been so consistently disrespectful to me, so i start saying “No” to her every time she asks for a favor.. and then she accuses me of being hella fake and throw ballistic temper tantrums.. i will be so glad to never see her again. the negativity that is her aurora is drowning and i will be glad to just make all of it come true for her. there’s nothing i could possibly do to help her anymore. i just need to get the fuck away because i’m the most important person in my life.

another thing that’s really funny is this whole past year i’ve had a crush only on tia and bre and was intrigued by that one girl at biolife , while tia has literally had a crush on every single one of our friends. kim, casey, some girl on pof that vanished on her twice, another girl she met up with yellowsprings, lucas, liam, god there’s probably others. but i’m the one who never gave a fuck. yep.

i’m better than this and i know it. my life is my life and it’s fucking amazing. i’m fucking amazing.

fuck this low self esteem bullshit. i’m flying over it.

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