i got a fucking job interview!!!!!!!!!! at fedex

i don’t know for sure but i’m just going to expect a drug test. the last time i smoked was saturday, before that maybe sometime during the week and i know i smoked at riot fest ugh i think i smoke a couple of times or few times a week, i’m not entirely sure. BUT i drink hella tea, my metabolism is BOSS (fast) and i couldn’t find any goddamn detox shit today but i’m drinking this emergen-C antioxidant drink.. there’s 30 packets, i will try to drink all 30 before friday morning. i’m doubtful i can achieve that because work will be in the way but i’ll fuckin try.

even if they don’t drug test me, i’m probably going to lay off the weed for a while.. just till i feel comfortable enough to. i need a better paying job more than weed.

i need a better paying job so i can afford to obtain a budtender certification and what not

maybe save up to get my cdl ! i would love to travel for my job. as long as my kitties will be loved still somehow.

bre doesn’t read this, but fuckin hella S/O to her for all the motivation she’s given me lately. i never really realized how horrible my self esteem was until she made me feel amazing. apparently i bring out the best in her too, i don’t know how but that’s what her sister says. i’m fuckin happy about that.

i’ll be really sad honestly if i don’t get this job at fedex. besides the better pay, i need to get away from tia. she’s always trying to instigate shit. last night was really rough too 😦

i also want to start volunteering at the humane society in hamilton. i want to put some time there, and maybe one day have a chance somewhere being an animal cop. haha i did a project one time during my senior year in high school. it was funny because a lot of kids picked all these high paying careers that required school and then there was me, picking this low paying career that didn’t need school at all BUT I ROCKED IT because everybody loves cute animals. unless you’re an asshole.

tia moves out on saturday, all i hope is that she acts civil and only takes what is hers.

bre is spending the night friday night 🙂 she constantly talks about me moving to indianapolis but clearly that is way too soon. she knows that too but she’s just trying to let me know how much she loves spending time with me. she’s got her own house man, it’s so badass. the backyard is heavenly. firepit, completely fenced in, so peaceful.

she’s such an inspiration

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