I start orientation at FedEx Wednesday at 9am and I also am scheduled for an assessment test Friday at ak steel at 8:30am. Ak steel is right here in Middletown and id start out entry level at a little over $18 an hour. Schedule would be rotating there so I won’t be able to really work anywhere else, like dominos.

It would be pretty sweet to never see Tia again. Last night she asked if I wanted to see what her new comforter looks like. I told her no I don’t care but when I walked away I was like “…didn’t you just wish I would die 4 days ago?” Hard to tell if she was trying to be genuinely friendly even though she wanted me to die on multiple occasions or trying to show off… But why the hell would I be jealous of a comforter? 😐?

I can’t really allow myself to be friendly with someone who has repetitively wished I would die, screamed in my face, and a bunch of other mental abusive shit. That’s just me though. I can’t say I was ever perfect, I had to be protective of myself at some points, but I can honestly say I never instigated shit, ever.

Lucas said he would hang out with me this past Saturday but when Saturday rolled around, he didn’t hit me up at all and actually showed up at dominos with Tia not saying a word about how we were supposed to hang out. The only reason I even made plans with him because Tia blew out of proportion (like everything) how I let him down for not hanging out the week prior because I told him I was going to indy instead . I actually texted him and didn’t completely forget about him AT LEAST.

I honestly don’t care, I don’t really relate with anyone about anything anymore and I just want to work somewhere new that pays better so I don’t have to work here anymore. No one takes it seriously. 

Most of all, get away from an ex-friend who is clearly bipolar of some sort..

I’ll meet new people. And NOT let anyone live with me. 

I’m just an idiot because it took me something like 20 fuckin people or so to realize hey! This is fucking disastrous! Lol oh well 

I’m working 12-13 hours at dominos today gotta go

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