job blog. financial comfort, fedex + domino’s blabber

fedex is pretty basic and simple so far, i still have an assessment test for ak steel tomorrow morning though. it’s gonna be rough cuz i start fedex at 2:30am till anywhere between 7am-8am and then the assessment test at ak steel is at 8:30 and that could take up to 4 hours and then i work 5-close at dominos and i’m not sure if i work at fedex that night as well but i’m thinking i do. this lady said we’d be working tuesday through saturday and rarely mondays. but i’m not sure if that means we’d be scheduled all through tues-sat but i might be. it’d be 25-30 hours if i did. it’ll be a little rough closing at dominos at 2am friday night and rushing to fedex saturday morning but i asked the lady if i could be sure to leave between 7:30-8am tomorrow morning because of the other job interview and she said it’ll be fine. so maybe they’re a little laid back with other jobs/things people have going on with their lives. i’m hoping. i mean it’s only a part time position. i just gotta let someone know. monday-friday i can be at work 2:30am and saturdays i can be at work 3:30am. a girl told me that it gets slower throughout the week and fridays and saturdays are actually the slowest so that’s fortunate.

concerts i think usually end around 10 or 11 so as long as i’m not waiting till midnight to leave a concert, even if i’m in indianapolis or lexington, ky (owth is playing there in november) i should be able to get to work on time. also, as long as i don’t need to be at work before 2am. it’s supposed to usually be 3am. i’m not sure how they do it, if there’s like a board of where i’ll see a schedule for the week. that would be a little convenient since domino’s doesn’t close till 2am fridays and i may have to rush out of there. sometimes i don’t get done at domino’s till almost 3am. but that’s not that HUGE of a difference, maybe they’ll be nice to me for that lol… i’m glad fedex doesn’t majorly conflict with domino’s or my concert life… only potential sleep but i’m not too bummed about not much sleep honestly and i also don’t think it’ll be that bad. it’ll be bad tomorrow because of the interview. it’ll be bad if i need to do other things… ha… but i’m kinda relieved about fedex in a way, i tend to have this bad habit of drinking and driving after concerts, even if it’s only one drink. knowing i’ll have to go to work should be preventative.. as long as i’m not an alcoholic LOL

but anyway, i actually talked a little with this girl who tried out for ak steel. they waited 2 months afterwards to let her know they weren’t interested in hiring her. apparently they don’t hire a lot of females, but it could depend upon the positions. $18 an hour, all the bonuses and benefits are hella awesome but i’d probably have to give up on going to concerts whenever i wanted and that’s a huuuge downer. but i’d be financially comf with only working there. it’s dangerous as fuck too though. lots of fire and heat related things.

i hope i can potentially move up in fedex, or just simply get paid enough so i don’t need dominos. i love candy and i love dominos but i just don’t like it much anymore, idk. it’s annoying when no one takes it seriously, it’s annoying when i don’t get taken seriously, maybe i just need a change of pace. i really just need a more comfortable living wage.

I LOVE NOT having a uniform at fedex, i LOVE the diversity of my co-workers (not a bunch of small town white people) i just really hope i don’t wind up getting beat and exhausted from working 2 jobs :/ i’m sure it’s bound to happen but i hope the money i make makes it worth it. otherwise i’ll be miserable and needing other options.

Moving up with fedex makes me nervous already because i can see that it requires people skills and i’m hella introverted so i don’t know if i could do it. i think something like that could really depend on the day i’m having, how i’m feeling, BUT i’m also wondering if the way i get treated could motivate me. like at domino’s, i feel like it’s bullshit. candy and other supervisors are the only people i have high respect for. majority of the drivers, CSR’s and even other asssistants at times, i feel like it’s something similar to babysitting. i’m looked up to way too much and there’s not enough people I can personally look up to. it’s very possible i’ve been there so long and no one else has or just doesn’t have the work ethic i do (i’m not cocky i swear but i’m fucking amazing) and it’s dragging and draining, especially when no one cares. I mean it’s one thing for me to be the example to others to work hard and make things easier like i do and tell them what to do (be bossy), BUT it’s another thing for people to ask me and pick up on what they should be doing, even the very littlest minor things. if other people at fedex are more respectable, and take it seriously, i definitely think it could rub off on me and i could be something like it.

kinda like having friends, the friends you have, their attitudes and personalities can rub off on you. lol

i’m kind of a middle of a follower and a leader and it’s so annoying sometimes. i like to be a leader but i like to have people to model myself after or look up to.

Supervisors at domino’s are rarely around and a lot of times, candy and i work opposite shifts but she’s just one person. i like that i can look up to multiple different people.
tbh, not talking shit, but there are days i work harder than candy does. there are days she works harder than me for sure, but it is her store. i feel like i never should be someone that works harder than her. i’m not 100% on what her annual income is but i’m estimating anywhere between $40,000-$70,000. i barely make something between $23,000-$27,000 it’s just not fair and it bums me out too much.

i don’t want my own domino’s store because i don’t like the system and honestly, i’m just tired of it. if i wanted my own store, i would’ve stayed in NY. being tied down like that isn’t something i’m interested in. not with domino’s.

i still want to get into the whole weed thing toooooo

BUT I NEED FUCKIN MONEY. UGH and i need to clean. i will probably never re-read this blog, super boring haha.


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