Ak steel isn’t somewhere I really want to work. Didn’t really have any good feelings about it. They’ll email me in 2-3 weeks to let me know if they’re interested in hiring me but I’m not going to be even slightly bummed if they don’t want to.

I really like FedEx. I actually was in soooooooo much pain earlier, in my left arm. I fucking cried. I’m a wuss but god bless the heavenly soul who invented heating pads. I swear when I left FedEx at 7:45am, I was fine. By noon, it was hurting pretty bad. When I woke up at 4 for dominos, it was fucking excruciating. I almost wanted to puke. 

Unloading 5 semi trucks worth of boxes fucked me up lol

I had to do a few today too but today wasn’t bad at all. 


that sunrise yesterday morning was sexy af too.

It makes sense that my left arm hurt so bad, considering I’m right handed and just don’t ever put much pressure on my left. Seriously my back hurts more than my right arm. My right arm just doesn’t hurt at all. I try to lift with my legs instead of my back as much as I can. My legs are starting to get sore too

I was supposed to have Sundays and Mondays off but the manager lady Kim asked if I would come in Monday morning 5-730 and of course I want to be someone reliable lol I really love too how they ask, they don’t demand too much and they’ve been very lenient already so far.

I’m at biolife right now but after this I’m totally going home and crashing before I go to Columbus to see the wonder years later. Sold out show. Bre is actually at my apartment right now too. She came over last night. With her puppies. My cats are pissed 😂 she missed me. I’m glad she’s here because I get to snuggle with her. Tia took my Sunday shift at dominos so I can hang out with her sunday at least. She has a 4 day weekend or something and I have off Monday too from dominos so aside from the 2.5 hours at FedEx, we can hang out then too.. 

I used to go see her at least once a week in September but Octobers been a lil rough so far. 

I’m happy she’s putting in effort like I do. I thinks it’s important for everyone to have a friend like that. I’m happy I have a friend like her. I wouldn’t want to give her up for anything.

My blood needs to bleed faster lolz 

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