Another thing I love about FedEx is now it enables me to just be able to PASS OUT when I get home. No more time for overthinking.  

I wish I was capable of taking cute selfies like I was in high school.  I just want to take pictures of myself and post captions with song lyrics like everybody else. Lol @ the idea of me being like anybody ever. 

Here’s one that only looks OK out of like 6 

  Biolife selfie.  OWTH hoodie. I’m the coolest person I know 💗

“Drink the poison when you think it’s over, stabbing yourself when you think it’s too late. Tragic endings are your thing, you love them. You love letting go, the ending’s the same.”

I haven’t smoked weed in almost a month and I’ve drank but haven’t got drunk in idk how long. Not as long but pretty much.

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