i have a 95% strong feeling i’ll be working full time for fedex by next week possibly. the 5% is me just not trying to be too cocky. it’s not package handling, it’d be administrative. at the interview, the lady said i’d be answering phones, dealing with customers and dispatching drivers. lots of fast pace multitasking work. i told them it literally sounds like what i do at dominos. not sure of my pay yet either because it goes by experience but hopefully it’s decent since they want me full time.

they called me twice and sent me an email before i even agreed to the interview. during the interview, i felt hella good connections with the two ladies. one was talking about how she used to work for a pizza place before fedex too. the other lady was talking about her issues with past co-workers or current ones is that she can be a bitch. i told her i’ve definitely been called a bitch before too and i’m understanding completely. honestly, to me, it’s really very simple to respect the people or person who is above you and to follow rules. i grew up disciplined so maybe that’s why it comes natural to me.

i’m definitely nervous to start doing something again where i’m not entirely 100% on what i’m doing. that’s always scary. so far the training at fedex has been done pretty well though. i’ll be working 7am-4pm shifts. i can still work evenings at dominos, hopefully i’m not closing too often or only when i don’t have to wake up at 5:30am-6am the next day for fedex. this will be good though, because now i’ll see more daylight. god the sun rises driving towards lebanon though so that can be a bitch. i may need to get better sunglasses. i also will have to dress more formal like. since the weather is getting colder, i’ll probably just stock up more on work pants and sweaters. clothes shopping is going to be hard af

i have off tomorrow completely from both jobs. i’ll figure my life out then i suppose lol

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