so i showed some people what my legs look like and i guess it’s becoming a little concerning

candy was almost in tears for me, she thinks i could develop varicose veins

i think i might just really need to pump up more iron in me… i’m eating hella more cereal. honey bunches of oats with almonds has 60% of iron for the daily serving or whatever. i have almonds and soymilk. i tried looking at iron pills but i think that’s too excessive and pills freak me out.

it’s not even like the boxes are hitting me a lot or anything, but i’m on my legs and feet all day almost as it is and i guess i am putting a lot of pressure on them when i’m lifting heavy shit around.. i guess it can be pretty rough… i don’t want to complain or bitch though. i don’t fuck with anything that’s more than 80 lbs. i get someone else to help me. i feel like i’m honestly one of the weakest people too, it really sucks, i feel really lame and embarrassed but whateverrrrr. i’m also the ONLY girl who unloads trucks, seriously. it’s fucking weird. all the other girls complain or quit or something.

october 7th i start as a “Special Assignment Clerk” full time at $13.86 an hour and there’s potential overtime with it so i’ll be out of this package handling for a while at least. to be honest, i’m hoping i can make it permanent somehow. there are part time permanent positions at least. i’ll have to figure that out later. i’ll have to learn how to dress nice all year round. i love sweaters.

i can wear cool shit like this

Bayside - Therapist

maybe idk. maybe i might offend someone by this bird.

i really will miss the hours package handling has though. i love working in the middle of the night and leaving at sun rise.

i wonder how i’ll feel after switching to 7am-4pm shifts. i told candy for dominos i can either work short shifts mostly everyday 5pm-9pm or i can close a couple to 3 nights a week. i told her i want the following day off every time she closes me so i can just go home after fedex and catch up on sleep lol. for real if i don’t get home till 130am and then have to wake up at 6am for fedex, that’s gonna be tuff af. i’m a tough kid though. 🙂 she said she’s probably going to have me work a couple closes. makes sense because i’m a rockstar

lol @ how tired i’ll be after all the concerts too.

whoops i gotta leave in 10 minutes

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