i feel like i have so much to write about

but i’m always busy, or distracted. sad.

i probably should leave soon… i’m going to a venue/bar i’ve never been before,
i’m only nervous about it because i’m going alone. if i knew the place, i wouldn’t care, or if i knew it was a bigger venue/show, i wouldn’t care.

i actually had a ticket to see beartooth in columbus, at the biggest venue there is in columbus. it’s beartooth’s hometown but i decided not to go even though i bought the ticket because i love Off With Their Heads a tad bit more…

my baby boo boo bear is sleeping on a pillow next to me on the couch and he just stretched and made a big baby noise so i petted him and thought about if i had an orange tabby cat, i would name it tigger. haha. i watched this awesome movie on netflix last night, the lion in your living room, and it was SOOO cute. i love cats. they’re nice to me, mostly. if they’re not, i can relate anyway. i can get it. hahahaha

so today ends my first week as a “special assignment clerk” or seasonal administrator at fedex… i fucking LOVE it. there’s still so much i gotta catch on to though.. but i feel for the most part i get the idea of it. everybody knows i’ll still have questions. i feel comfortable with Shelli, she’s trained me for the most part, although she’s a crazy, hectically, busy lady. i almost feel bad for her. she just does so much.

my boss Michelle has been super ridiculously nice so far. still waiting to see her “bitch” side that everybody says. some people also say she’s not a bitch, just intense.  i can still relate though. So far, i just feel confident from Michelle’s vibes, because goddamn, it’s like she really believes in me even though she doesn’t actually know me. i’ve been kinda curious as to what she sees in me, but i guess i’ve got nice experience- management is pretty good for admins and if i can be a very organized person, i guess i can be good. i don’t know what all the other seasonal admins were like, i don’t know how she treated or talked about them, but i wonder how i compare.

She actually said something today that kinda made me feel glowy haha. So basically, i have this legit office all for myself (badass af) and the file processing i’ll be doing on drivers in there and everyone who works down the hall i’m in (mostly pickup&delivery or p&d managers, also Michelle and the senior manager Dan) and everyone’s got official name tags right outside their door with their name. Mine just says BCSA, i’m guessing that stands for Business Contractor Service Administrator. (i’m not entirely sure, i’ve had to learn a TON of abbreviations this week) and i was standing outside, close to Michelle while she was talking to someone from another office and i was waiting to talk with her real quick. while i waited, i was curious about the sign and touched it just because, and she saw me do that and she said something like “Do you want your name on there?” so it would be like everybody else’s and i said something about how badass and cool that would be in an extremely ecstatic way because i’m corny like that and she laughed and said she would have it set up on monday LOL i’m sure she’s totally joking but that was such an amazing feeling that gave me, i don’t know why haha

i’m glad i started working at fedex for real. i just want to impress people. i want to be helpful. it’s all i ever want to do,always.


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