drinking coffee. you know how that is.

i read a short part of a poem to tia the other day and she told me i need xanax. lol. i actually dont think ive ever had xanax before. not interested. but it’s a thing.

i feel bummed today, but i forced myself to do a little cleaning at least, like vaccumn. that was one of the things.
you know that thing that should be done at least weekly? especially if you have pets. yeah.

i have off from both jobs today and it just makes me feel invisible

i’ve scrolled through social media at least for a solid two hours. i need to get over that and just bask in writing. or something. like this. this is writing.

i ate earlier and it made me feel shitty. i just feel shitty though. i really shouldn’t. my life is good , i wish more people reached out to me more often but i don’t really need that. but for some reason, i want it even though i really dont want it. because i like having a day to myself. i don’t understand. maybe just people to talk to. but nothing really interests me, no one really interests me.

i kinda want more coffee. the sun goes down too early. it’s too cold outside. i miss the warmth of summer and the longer daylight.

whine whine bitch bitch


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