what if i told my truthful thoughts through blog entries instead of being honest to stupid ass humans.

i’m on my fourth beer so i probably should sleep after this

i was annoyed earlier. i don’t like people who claim to love a band because they *~*love*~* 6 songs by a band who has at least 100 songs made.

idk it’s annoying to me. because at one point or more in my life, people have told me they’ve loved a band i’ve loved and i’ve gotten really excited only to find out they don’t love. they just like a few songs. The hit songs usually. DISAPPOINTMENT SUCKS.

i’m not a teenybopper anymore and i don’t want to tolerate bullshit. aka someone saying they love something when they don’t.

This is honestly really irrelevant but as an avid and devoted listener to the bands i listen to…

loving a band to me means listening to all their songs and following up with them on tour dates or news.

liking a band is simply respecting them and liking some or a lot of their songs, but not devoting your time to listen to more or follow up with them.

idk i like music. and i think it’s okay to JUST LIKE a band you know. but some people don’t know how to say that word. idk. it’s not a big deal but it’s tia. lmao. tia’s a big deal to me i guess hahahhaa

i miss my friends in new york they understand my assholeness.
or maybe i’m just really fucked and alone.

wouldn’t it be great if instead of actually telling people how i felt and what i thought, i could just like, SHUT THE FUCK UP and vent in here? wouldn’t that be something.


i wish i could just shut the fuck up. all i ever do is piss people off and hurt their god blessed precious feelings. like they’re supposed to be more important than mine!!! my thoughts are so invalid, why don’t i know any better by now??

if i really have to get through life biting my tongue till it fucking bleeds just to appease to people who i’ve confusedly mistaken as people who care about me… i’d rather die.
it’s not easy feeling like just some fucking asshole all the time either but at least i can say i’m me.

but nobody in this world i’ve met is like me. everybody is fucking sensitive.

i’m a nobody. nobodies for life.

one of my co-worker’s at fedex.. her wedding anniversary is on jasmine’s birthday.

why does weird shit like that happen. ?

i guess 365 days a year is just a small amount of time though. idk.

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