i got an email from my direct manager at fedex saying i’m only allowed to work 27.5 hours a week. haha. dang it. i knewit was going to happen eventually. i can only pick up hours when a bunch of people are on vacation or it’s peak. but hey! at least there’s a time of the year where i’ll be making almost $3000 a month

i am learning and growing so much with fedex and it truly makes me happy.

i gotta work at least 30 hours at dominos now though… i figured i can make a way where i just work 3 really long days.

candy vented to me a couple hours ago.. i feel bad for her but i really can’t at the same time. she’s so lenient, and she needs to be more assertive. i guess as long as i’m there, i’ll always be the asshole for her though.

p & d managers make salary of something that’s over $60,000 a year. that’s intense. operations coordinator’s maximum pay is still $30 a hour though..

i just want to excel with fedex so much! i want to become a better person through it.

i really hope the stagnancy of domino’s doesn’t keep my dragged down..

there’s a lot of responsibility as a coordinator, but it’s not hard work. it’s just a lot of information to know. something has to be really tough for me to consider it hard work though, i am already a badass worker.

if it wasn’t for dominos, i would have such a morning person sleep schedule by now hah. dang it dominos!

i’ve really opened up to chaotic 7am-8am mornings at fedex lol

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