i always want to do something amazingly productive when i get off work, or when i have my full day off on sundays.
but i never do. i feel like i could do more. i feel very distracted very easily. it’s actually almost as if i can’t stay focused on anything for a prolonged duration of time, ever.
except for cleaning maybe, once i get into it, i can usually stay into it..

writing is the one thing i want to stay focused on but i can’t even do that. i should be happy though, every day small progress is better than no progress.

i actually really wanted to drink tonight. i always try to tell myself i’m gonna go out and go somewhere, even just to take the trash out but i never want to leave my apartment on sundays. it’s cold as fuck outside anyway. i’m glad i’m a hermit on sundays, otherwise i would be worthlessly inebriated right now

i wish i could be more motivated or disciplined.

i should go to bed soon

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