I was originally sending this to Amanda but it became too long…

Dude I got called a shit starter yesterday at dominos. The uniform is solid black pants or shorts. This guy was wearing jeans. I pointed it out and I swear I was not being rude, I kept a smile on my face and tried to give off an impression like he made a silly mistake and it’s okay, just want to be informative so you know. 
Instead of being mature , like the 50 year old this guy is, he tells me the GM said it was okay so I go to candy (the GM) and of course she denies it but they make a huge joke about it and act like THAT SIMPLE RULE is such a ridiculous thing.
And then afterwards he calls me a shit starter and laughs.
Like maybe IM the one who needs to be informed what the hell my role as an assistant manager is? Because I don’t feel like anything other than a baby sitter. I feel like I need to stop taking my job seriously. If I see anyone else wearing jeans, I swear to god I’m just going to fucking wear jeans too. 

Why should I continue to inform anyone of anything when it’s clearly just a fucking joke? 
I actually made a very similar mistake that SAME day at FedEx. I honestly did not realize our dress code in the office is no shorts. I learned that it’s pants/slacks or capris. 

Want to know how I reacted to my managers when they called me out? I apologized. Sincerely. Quickly stating I did not realize. 

And they both called me out in front of other people. Others would think that’s horrible and poor management. I, also as in management in both my jobs, don’t give a fuck who I’m around or how I get called out because I AM THE ONE who made an error. 

People who get embarrassed are just pathetic.

Or let me put it nicely – unable to fucking come to terms with their mistake.

This happened the same day BEFORE I came into dominos and noticed ron wearing jeans.

This is exactly why I love FedEx more, I mean besides them paying more. With the bullshit I deal with at dominos, (I swear drama is continuous) I really should be making more than at FedEx. 

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