I need a another hard drive. I just got 2 tb on Best Buy. Should be here in 2 days.

I wonder when tf I’ll get my new shoes. Lol

Today is fucking gorgeous. I actually went to the laundromat this morning and got my blankets washed. It was nice being awake at sunrise and not having to be at work. 

I’m quite content right now cuz I just got some Olive Garden.

Full af lol. 

I’m feeling pretty tired… I did sleep on the couch from about 9:30-1:30 and I should hopefully get to sleep in 3 hours so I’ll be rejuvenated tomorrow morning but idk.. I really should go by meijer real quick and get some Long Island 😂 I’m tired of beer, I want to feel fucked up lol 

Maybe I should just be sober and be nice to my mental health idk.

I’m so full and I didn’t even finish eating half my food. Apparently I’m 142 lbs lol I did just eat but I wish I had more of that weight in my boobs. I’ve got such an awkward body, whatever. 
Moving back to New York is going to be so stressful.. neither FedEx or dominos transfers so I would have to find a place to move into within a week without actually having a job.. it was only easy to move out here because I had angel to move in with..

It’s also hard to move back because I have 3 cats to come along with me. I can’t give them up, they mean everything to me. It’s not an option, I’ll have to stay out here because giving them up would kill the fuck out of me. There’s just no cats like them.

 But my dad and grandma have two garages, one they only use for storage and is literally the size on my apartment pretty much. I would hate to live back with them considering it was actually something I avoided when I was in NY years ago but if it’s only temporary till I lock down jobs, and how bad could it be? I’m more mature now but my grandma is losing her mind more and more. I don’t think my grandma wants to consider me with the cats moving back in though, she’s not a cat person. She had a cat once she took in from outside but she didn’t know how to care for one and it sprayed everywhere for territory. She’s just a dog person. I understand cats and mine are my freaking children and I can’t give them up. 

My dad really makes it sound like I can’t move in till she passes away and that’s so sad.

Idk what I’m gonna do…

I started talking to bre again…. I’m glad I did because I feel like the air has been cleared between us now and it feels nice. But, at all fucking costs, I have to remember to be strong, and smart. I love bre because I can’t help but admire her for the person she is and I feel like I can really learn from her and it’s hard not to love someone you respect like that. Like she’s one of the types for me that I just can’t not reply back to her when she messages me. We won’t see each other much though, so I’ll be okay. I started talking to her again because I sent her an invite to see flint Eastwood so she’s going to that too…  I hope we don’t flirt too much

I should go put the rest of my food away and watch some tv shows or something

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