Man today was just not a happy day.

It happens I guess….

I really want to make tomorrow better. 

I need a social life…. it seems like everybody was partying today…..

I work so much… it really has gotten to me. I want to drop dead. I wish I could talk to someone.

But I just.. I’ve become so accustomed to keeping to myself.. I almost feel i need to, or like I have to… or else trouble is going to find me and I’m fucking terrified of everyone.. I don’t have anymore energy. I don’t have anymore desire.

Im so drained. Of all my interest. Of everything.

the worst part and the reasoning behind why I am doing this to myself because I honestly and truly feel I just get made to be out to be a bad person.

So I have to do this. I don’t open up. But who does? Everyone has secrets they don’t just tell anybody.

Fuck it I don’t know where I’m going with this. 

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