I had a lot of fun the other night, for the flint eastwood show in Indianapolis. I got myself a badass room to spend the night that had a jacuzzi hot tub, and I hung out with 4 other people.

The jacuzzi hot tub was the whole reason I wanted a hotel room. And I got what I wanted and I made it happen. I love myself. I got so wasted, caught a uber to the venue with bre and teeny and met up with Lisa and Seth.

Everything was so great, it really was.

We all went back to the room and crashed, after we wandered around some more first that is haha.

I was just so drunk and so happy.

I’m seeing Flint Eastwood again on the 5th. I’m actually show hopping, I’ll also be seeing masked intruder at a different venue. Both in Columbus lol. That should be interesting.

I won’t have any friends with me this time :/

I was so happy to be hanging out with bre again. We both agree that we both feel such a connection for each other. 

We’ll never date though. That’s just how it goes. I almost tried to persist sex with her lol, or I did really, but she stopped me because she wants me to be sober. 

She’s the last person I’ve had sex with. I’m not hers 😦

I need to get up and clean :/

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