i really dont want to do anything. i have clothes to put away, organizing to do,

nah. just nahhhh.

i only worked at dominos one day this week, last night. it was nice. i’m so glad to have been able to take a break.

friday night it stormed and i got drunk as shit and smoked a blunt on my porch and watched the storm. so calming.

for some reason last night while i was at dominos, in like the last hour I GOT HELLA SICK. i sneezed a gazillion times in 2 seconds and started to feel super horrible. no idea why. i came home, sprayed allergy shit up my nose, took an allergy pill and also nyquil and died for about 8 hours haha

i took some dayquil this morning too and i’m drinking green tea with a bunch of mixtures of other tea.

i’m alright now. my immune system is pretty badass.

i did get my new cbd oil stuff yesterday. i got spray and oil. i tried the spray yesterday, and it was kinda nasty haha. but it has more mg than the pills i have do. i should probably put it in my tea.

i actually got worried that maybe it caused me to get all sick last night. but i didn’t start sneezing like i did till HOURS later. i don’t know where that wouldve came from either considering i take the pills?

i plan on taking it again so i’ll just have to see. if it happens twice, then i’ll know lol. i mean because it could’ve just been something at dominos, i touch a lot of money which comes from so many different places so that’s not always safe.

i really want to get high but i dont want to feel like a piece of shit.  getting high can really make me feel like a lazy ass, i just feel super slow.

i love being able to be lazy with my cats. they’re the best.

i have a really good life.   i’m so thankful for cbd oil. it’s really helped my mindset..

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