I had a great time in Columbus this past weekend. Smile Empty Soul was awkward at first, it was just not pop punk like a lot of shows I go to 😂 everyone was drunk as shit. I caught a shuttle ride there and then an uber back. I don’t remember getting back honestly lol I woke up and I had knocked shit off the tv stand, and I had my weed and grav bong in the tub in the bathroom. and I magically had a smile Empty Soul koozie, hat, and a poster. That was pretty sweet lol. I got some strong ass long islands that fucked me up. I was pretty relieved I didn’t forget or lose my cards anywhere.

I woke up around 7:30ish, probably slept again for another hour and a half somewhere in between before I finally got out of bed at like 3 or 4. I was hungover as fuck and had to recover. Then I spent the rest of the time exploring before Sorority Noise. I went to Battelle riverfront park and walked up it and winded up walking to Goodale park where Columbus pride fest usually is every year. It really wasn’t too eventful but it was nice to walk around. I went back to my room and showered and caught an uber to the show. I was pretty bored before Sorority Noise came on. I couldn’t even drink. It was just painful to. Kinda didn’t know how else to occupy myself though. When that mat guy was done, I went to the small ass pit and somehow made my way all the way up front through the set. It was wild and awesome. Sorority Noise are phenomenal live.

After the show I just walked back to the hotel since I wasn’t too drunk to navigate with my phone. Only a 20 minute walk.

Then ya know, woke up and drove back to Middletown.

I like having money to treat myself to do things like this. It’s so nice for real.

I actually put in time off for a legit vacation.

I really gotta go to NY for a number of reasons. I’m hoping to be out there for 17 days. Hoping. Because I’m driving alone. I still need to figure out who’s going to check on my cats for me. 

I really wish I could just live back in NY all while sustaining my wonderful income, awesome beneficial jobs I have.

If only I could have everything.

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