Post hangover/stoned revelation blog

I was thinking about relationships just now. I don’t think I will get back with anyone unless someone actually shows they love me more than I could love myself. I’ve made that way too easy. I really just want to take care of myself. 

Being on my own out here really taught me that I have to love myself. 

My life has changed drastically in my mind since i started CBD oil. I don’t want to give it at all the credit. But when I got that vape pen, it helped me stop smoking cigarettes and I’m so glad. It’s so weird to be attached to something that seriously does not benefit you and doesn’t even make you feel good.

I’m spending so many days alone, i don’t communicate with a lot of people regularly at all. If I don’t work at dominos even, no one would know if I woke up dead. Last night I wouldn’t have known either. I was just imagining what if I had vomitted in my sleep and choked. I don’t know how long it would take till somebody found out. Candy is the only one out here who I know would go and check on me.

She actually really did have an employee that didn’t show up for work and it turns out he was dead for days. 

I can never leave my cats behind. 

Belinda said that her and nick are still looking for a place. I told them I wasn’t expecting anything till at least next year and that if they ever wind up changing their minds to let me know. That way it gives me the go to plan for something else. I really trust Belinda to be honest with me.  

I’m getting distracted now lol

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