One of the reasons I constantly trim my nails , besides that I’m a raging lesbian,  is honestly because I don’t like having dirt or shit under my nails. It’s annoying to me. I’ll constantly be picking underneath my nails even if they aren’t dirty. Idk so I just keep them short.

And I think it’s funny how this CBD oil is working so far for my head. I’m applying it every time I’m getting the urge to scratch, although I should try putting it on everyday regardless. But I’m putting it on and I think the main reason it’s working is because I don’t want to get the oil shit under my nails 😂.. 

like it makes me more uncomfortable to have oil under my nails THAN IT DOES TO HAVE MYSELF LITERALLY SELF MUTILATING MY OWN HEAD.

I just think that’s ridiculous, I’m ridiculous, I’m going to bed lol
Actually no I want to write something else
Today at FedEx one of my bosses, Michelle, told me that “I know you don’t like to yell at people but you need to yell at him” about Eric because he did something wrong which you know, I just complied with what she was saying because she’s my boss, but I’m pretty chill with Eric and I didn’t see a point to actually “yell” at him. In fact, he was quite unaware of the wrongness of his action. So I told him and now he knows.

But it was just ridiculous how Michelle particularly asked me to yell at him. It was ridiculous in my opinion how angry she was being. But it’s okay, I’m sure she was just stressed. Eric is actually quitting in a week so who knows what they’re gonna do to go about making sure his role is covered.

I think that is what my flaw is at FedEx that people have noticed, that I’m nice. Literally. THATS A FLAW. I mean like, sure I’m still newish, and in fact, I’m also one of the youngest, and definitely the youngest in a management position. I’m still learning all the time. I find it difficult to see myself above anyone who has been there longer than me because for 1. They know what they’re doing and if they don’t or they’re doing a bad job 2. They’re not my employee to reprehend. In fact I still find myself consulting anyone for anything because with how fucking GINORMOUS of a company, and warehouse FedEx is, I don’t personally believe there’s a better way to get work done nicely without working WITH everyone

But it’s mostly a angry war of drivers versus FedEx a lot of days and it’s just dumb.

I don’t see myself working for FedEx forever. But it’ll work out for now…

It sucks

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