I think I hurt my ankle. Idk what I did. It actually started hurting a couple of days ago but I don’t remember, i haven’t thought much of it till today because it still feels sore especially on pressure. I thought it would just bruise or something but I have an ice pack on it now

I’ve been thinking lately that I shouldn’t take my good health for granted. Idk if it’s that I take it for granted or if I’m just really aware of it that I feel it’s the truth. I mean I also still have a cavity that I’ve been ignoring. I wonder if my health truly is as great as I feel it is. 

I wonder if something were to legit be wrong with me if I would ignore it and still believe I’m in good health. I gotta be aware of when I need to take care of myself. 

I am definitely the type to shrug my shit off because I know someone has it worse. I hate to sound whiny. 

I should go to bed

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