Im kinda getting bad vibes…

So I’m totally not seeing kevin while I’m in New York like I was hoping. He bailed for work. Like weeks ahead of time… bums me out. I really wanted him me and Jesse to hang out.

But now I wonder if it’s just something that will never happen. That really makes me sad.

Last I talked to Jesse , he was getting depressed and idk how he’s been holding up. It must be weird to adjust to regular life when you’ve been in prison for a decade.

I want to see friends, a lot of my friends, but I honestly don’t really keep up with anyone via social media so I’m scared it’s going to be weird. I wonder if anyone even still cares…

Belinda and Amanda aren’t as rich as me so Im worried we won’t be able to do much. Idk.

I’m worried about how I’m even gonna feel being back in New York.. I’m so comfortable in Ohio, but what’s really scary is that I’ve given up on making friends/relationships out here and this is legit the most stress free I’ve ever been. But I still need some kind of social life outside of work?

Ugh life

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