She can’t stop being overdramatic over a post that’s deleted on Facebook…

She even got mad at me earlier because my dad wanted to fucking go hiking with me

It’s really awkward when her own daughter considers this house a tomb stone, despite how amazing this house really is. 

But it’s because of her. There’s never a moment of peace of mind around her. Any state of happiness and sense of well being is completely deteriorated for her. 

So my aunt considers this place a tomb stone.

And the #1 other person who could provide a place of “home” to me actually is under a tomb stone and it fucking breaks my heart.

I hate when it gets shoved in my face like this how drastic my life had to change because of her death. 

If my dad didn’t live here too, there’s no doubt I wouldn’t be here right now, or ever again. My dad is the only thing holding us together just like my mom was the only thing holding me towards her family.

And with the way my grandma talks about me, and the way my dad just fucking lets her really makes me miss her so fucking much.

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