i support the notion that gender doesn’t exist anymore (or at the very least, gender roles) but why doesn’t everybody also try to eliminate all these definitions and words that are coming out of someone’s ass to define every fucking orientation and gender identity? it’s all so fucking oxymoronic honestly.

i came across the word “cishet” yesterday on tumblr and the post was just literally someone defining it, what it means and what it didn’t mean, and it had over 7000 notes seriously. (• a cisgender heteroromantic heterosexual is what it means, tell me, do we really need a fucking word for that?)

i think  part of the reason this whole label explosion has been annoying me, is because that’s ONE of the reason (if not the entire reason) my last relationship ended.

My last ex Caitlyn seriously told people that i wasn’t supportive enough of her. (despite co-signing with her to help her get a car which winded up fucking my credit up) and she constantly mentioned in the last few weeks of our relationship how she didn’t know who she was. It was FUCKING RIDICULOUS. SHE NEEDED A LABEL TO FEEL COMFORTABLE. She couldn’t just fucking be herself and think it was okay. talk about fucking first world problems. whtatever, i’m pretty glad its over because shit sunk in the deep ass ocean REAL fucking fast for us, and it’s all shit she put us through.

Things would’ve been a lot better for me in that relationship if i knew how to say NO and if i knew the importance of loving/giving a shit about myself, i never even would’ve dated her to start with.


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