I hate that every future local concert I go to , I have to be careful that I don’t run into her.

I know she wants to fight me. 

If that ever somehow happens, I hope it’s very public.

She has made going to concerts unsafe for me. Knowing that is kinda fucking scary considering how much I thrive on them. It’s like she thrives off drama and belittling/degrading someone or something 

I really want her to forget the bane of my existence. I regret ever knowing her. She was never a positive person but I met her at a very insecure time of my life and I was desperate. 

That literally sums up everything else I’ve put myself through, pretty much my entire life.

I only hate myself a little bit. But I know now that hating myself like I’ve always done for everything is not going to make my life better. I’m going to treat myself the way I always treated everyone else. 

Thank god for this girl 

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