I had a really good, weird weekend

I found out on tuesday or something that OWTH was playing 2 hours away in Lexington, KY on saturday. fortunately i got my shift at dominos covered. its so nice that i actually have other co-workers i can rely on now. for the longest time , i seriously felt so trapped there. it wasn’t good.

but anyway. i got hella drunk and winded up sleeping in my car and didnt get home till 1pm the next day.

OWTH is hella fun live. its weird because their lyrics can be pretty sad but the crowd always makes it fun. that band definitely has an overall positive message.

i made friends with this one guy and he offered to let me crash at his place and we’d smoke and shit but honestly i’m kinda glad i couldn’t find his house. i mean he seems super chill, and i’m all about spontaneous friendships but maybe it could’ve been bad? who knows. maybe next time.

he had nail polish on, i thought that was interesting hahaha

im drinking some wine before bed. i got that cavity pulled out today. it was 100% painless. i mean the needle in my mouth stung a bit but i’m pretty good with needles. i used to bawl my eyes out as a kid haha.

it was really funny/weird not being able to feel my mouth

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